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Rethinking the humble bookmark

We Are Moving

Soon, we'll be moving to our new home on the web, called Bookmark Pivot. We're doing this so that our name can be more closely associated with what we do, namely bookmarks. We think that you will agree with us.

Please be assured that your data is our number one priority and you will be able to pick up at where you left off here with no interruption or fuss.

posted on July, 25th 2018

Taking bookmarks into the future

The internet has come a long way, but the way we keep track of our bookmarks has not changed much in all these years. With Infinite Links you'll always have a way to get back to your precious apps and pages, no matter on which device you find yourself.

It's Easy

We make managing your bookmarks easy so that you can concentrate on what is important, while we take care of managing your bookmarks. Give us a try. We have a free plan to get you started.

Simple Subscription Plans

We offer two simple subscription options, of which one is free. Why not start with the free option and later upgrade if you want to use more of our powerful features? Content you create with the awesome subscription will always be accessible even if you downgrade to the free plan.

Below are our subscription plans with a select set of features to give you an indication of what you'll get.

Free Plan

The free subscription plan offers you a chance to try us out without any commitments. You can upgrade to the Awesome plan when you are ready. We offer the following basic features on this plan.

  • 100 bookmark limit
  • 50 bookmark preview limit
  • Export your bookmarks - coming soon


Awesome Plan

This plan is called awesome for a reason: it includes everything. There are also no limitations on the number of bookmarks and previews that you can create. Here is an extract of what we offer on this plan:

  • Support
  • Automatic title retrieval
  • Adjustable preview size
  • Various bookmarklets for each bookmarking
  • Encrypted private data (usernames and password) - coming soon
  • Import bookmarks - Firefox is currently supported with others following soon
  • Export your bookmarks - coming soon